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Hello everyone!  The purpose of this note is, first and foremost, to extend a huge thank you to all those who have donated so generously to our forum fundraising appeal.  I am delighted to tell you that £3,721 was raised from 245 donors.  Adding on what was left from the previous fundraising drive, and subtracting costs levied by PayPal, we now have a total amount of £3,892 in the forum trust account. This means that we should be able to run the forum for about another four years without having to launch a fundraising drive, depending on the vagaries of the dollar/pound exchange rate and the level of fees we are charged for hosting the site.  


In addition to thanking you for your generosity, I would also, on behalf of all the moderators and techies, like to thank you all for making this forum the lively, informative and fun place that it is. 


          We look forward to the next four years of BalletcoForum!


          With warmest wishes,


          Simonetta Dixon (Sim)


          BalletcoForum Committee

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