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  1. Quick question! My DD has her first class tomorrow in London. I had it in my head that we had to arrive 45 mins early for the first week in order to have a talk from the teacher. However, I've just checked the letters/emails, and I can't see that anywhere? Just that we have to stay for the first 45 mins for the talk? I just want to check if we need to be there early of not, does anyone know? having a last minute panic!
  2. One more question, actually...... My DD has two very time intensive hobbies - ballet being one. Up until now we have managed to juggle both fairly well, including Sunday associate classes for ballet. Now she is having JA classes on a Saturday, we will inevitably run into more clashes with her other hobby. I imagine the the RB takes a pretty dim view of children that miss classes........ is anyone aware if she were to miss, say, 1 class per term, would the have any baring on whether she would pass the audition for next year or not?
  3. Hi there - my DD is joining the JA year 6 in London i September. What hair style should she be wearing, and where/how should the ribbons go?? Uniform has all arrived, we've done a 'trial' journey into Covent Garden to test traffic and parking, now it's just the fine details to sort out 🙂
  4. I am have been lurking ever since the London 1 auditions, and I registered yesterday in order to post whatever dd's result was. She got a yes - in the 24 week schedule (which I think was our second choice, after the 32 week option, but I can't be 100% certain). I am over the moon! The 24 week schedule will work better for us, as we live about an hour and a half outside of London. I don't know the exact schedule i.e. every other week or short terms, but I think the logistics will be much easier for us to manage. Anyway, she was London 1, group 4, and has a year 6 place. Best wishes to everyone else awaiting/getting their results today.
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