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  1. Just come across details of a children's workshop to be held at Elmhurst School for Dance in Birmingham on Sunday 6th December and organised by the RAD. Might be of interest to some younger children and the closing date for applications has been extended until Monday 23rd November. Would be a shame if it had to be cancelled due to lack of interest but I understand there is availability across all age groups. The workshop is to be led by Angela Paul, soloist at Birmingham Royal Ballet. Contact the RAD direct (courses@rad.org.uk) "Discover the magic of this famous ballet in a fun session of dance, music, acting, make-up and story-telling and finish with a performance for parents and guardians. 5-6 years: 10am-11.45am, £21 7-8 years: 12.15-2.15, £24 9-11 years: 2.45-5pm, £26.50
  2. I have just received an e-mail from Travelzoo advising of up to 62% off ticket prices for the forthcoming triple bill later this month - well worth a look , though I already have tickets as I have a season ticket. The Travelzoo website gives full details. Hope this is the right place to post abut the offer rather than under tickets for sale?
  3. And if anyone fancies learning how to make a tutu, I have been told of the following summer course which is being run in Nottingham - rather pricey for most, and I definitely won't be enrolling as I am a hopeless seamstress, but it may be of interest to some.... http://www.hotcourses.com/uk-courses/Tutu-Making-courses/page_pls_user_course_details/16180339/0/w/53293616/page.htm
  4. Just an update which I have receiveddirect from LCB on the cinema screening of last year's LCB production of Rumpelstiltskin which was due to be screened in various Odeon cinemas tomorrow : "Good and bad news! First of all- all London screenings (Ken High Street, Covent Garden, Wimbledon) are on for tomorrow Tuesday at 1pm. BUT due to technical problems with the file/'disk' sent by the Distributor, and uncertainty as to whether it could be corrected in time, Odeon has POSTPONED SCREENINGS of Rumpelstiltskin in the cinemas outside London that had booked for tomorrow. They know London Children's Ballet are in no way at fault, but do not want to risk problems with the public on the day. DO ENCOURAGE FRIENDS IN LONDON to go see the screening tomorrow - but do tell your friends and supporters outside of London not to go to the cinema on Tuesday. We will let you know the new date for the screening. Thank you for spreading the word of the postponement. This will help a lot to avoid disappointing families who might otherwise go to the cinema tomorrow with the whole family. Stay tuned - and I hope lots of you will be coming to see A Little Princess (19 - 22 April) coming up in 10 days! SO SORRY TO SEND THIS DISAPPOINTING NEWS." Such a shame for LCB who are really trying hard to raise further funds to enable lots of talented children to have the opportunity to take part in their productions for little or no cost - I have been told by one cinema that they do intend to re-schedule their screening.
  5. What a fantastic evening I had watching BRB perform Hobsons Choice on Thursday! I am afraid I do not have sufficient technical knowledge to be able to provide a detailed review, but I enjoy watching ballet and Thursday's performance certainly did not disappoint! This is the first time that I have seen this ballet and I was not really sure what to expect, but I came away feeling uplifted and delighted to have experienced something different from my usual choice of more well known ballets. Robert Parker was superb as Will Mossop - he was so full of energy and his characterisation of Mossop was fantastic. I totally believed in him. Joseph Caley impressed me too with his precision and David Morse as Hobson portayed a very believable figure. High quality indeed from this superb company. Just a shame that there were a few empty seats in the middle circle.
  6. I tend only to view the listings related to UK news items and reviews, though occasionally do go to a link for a US dance company or similar . I think the Daily Links are an incredibly useful tool for people like, and I would miss this facility if it went, but I appreciate that it involves a huge amount of work behind the scenes.
  7. There was an interesting half hour documentary last night on BBC news channel called On The Road With A Ballet Dancer - it follows Ed Watson in his daily routine - repeated again this evening at 22.30 - we happened upon it quite by chance! He talks abut training, injury, his route into the Royal ballet Company and the programme follows him in class and rehearsals with Monica Mason for Rite of Spring. Anyone reading this post now, the programme is also on 10.30-11am
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