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  1. If you're looking for higher leg line cut, this would be the 9502, although the chest bit also comes down lower I find - compared to the 9501. Both are lovely and classical, although perhaps the 9501 slightly more so. Just Ballet stock a wide range of colours in these two styles, but do contact them as Sheila is amazingly lovely. I found Degas comes up smaller than other brands so make sure you check measurements if possible. My daughter is 9 years old but wears the child size 12A in Degas. She was wearing size 10A child since she was 7. Feel free to DM me if you want any more info from a mum's point of view - I think my DD has Degas in over a dozen different colours and about as many styles. It's a firm favourite and I highly recommend it :-)
  2. @Hazel she was only 8 at the time so didn’t board but her friends 9 and above did and they absolutely loved it. They make friends so quickly and the pastoral side of things is always raved about during these courses as being superb from what I’ve heard. My DD also kept going on about how amazing the food was. Don’t worry about your DD not knowing anyone, I’m sure she will make friends very quick. My DD didn’t think she’d know anyone but as we are slowly finding out these days, the dance world is so small she always finds other kids she knows!
  3. My DD has done Tring’s Easter intensive (which I’m assuming is probably timetabled similar to the summer intensive), day of dance as well as the ballet intensive recently. The form often asks what genres the child has done/is doing and although she brought her tap shoes with her to the day of dance and Easter intensive, I don’t think she ever had the need to use them. Do contact Tring though as they’re always very lovely and quick to respond to any queries.
  4. 2 upper slips tickets for sale. Bought for £11 each but now cannot attend. Would be willing to sell for £15 for both plus £1 postage.
  5. Selling 3 Collections by Claudia leotards (£25 each, plus £2 postage per leotard. Willing to combine postage if buying multiple items): - Forest green Sylvia (from Classic collection) size child medium - worn less than a handful of times - Dusk (grey) Sylvia, size child medium - worn twice - Ruby (deep red) Juliet, size child medium - worn once to try on and once for a 2-hour class Also selling 2 So Danca leotards: - Black with mesh and lovely detail, Sara Mearns collection leotard, size 8-10 years old - worn once for a 1-hour PBT class (£20 plus £2 postage) - Petrol blue lovely mesh floral black leotard, size 2 - worn once for a 1-hour PBT class (£15 plus £2 postage) Happy to email photos, please PM me if interested 🙂
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