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  1. Nicola Moriarty

    NEW Woodside School of Ballet - South East Area

    Hello everyone, Aside from the comments about a large logo, and staff member comments of the ballet forum (I think I have got the hang of the threads element now, thanks for picking us up on it) Thank you for your kind words. Our first few Auditions have gone well, and we are planning a 3rd round of Auditions for our Woodside School of Ballet starting in September on Monday 21st May. Please email now if you would like to know more details about the school. Thank you and enjoy the sun. Kind regards Nic x
  2. Nicola Moriarty

    ACORNS - Sunday Associates with Woodside Dance Retreat

    Hi Guys Just to let you know we are 80% sold out now for our Sunday associate classes starting September, please contact soon for your FREE 45mins assesment class with me, and we will give your ballet a big boost. Enjoy the sun, Nic xx
  3. Nicola Moriarty

    Serious injury and excessive training in young dancers

    Great subject to bring up, well done DanceForFun. 30 hours defiantly seams way to much for any dancer let alone a very young dancer. Rest is just as important for any dancer/athlete. You would not see a professional runner getting better, and winning more gold medals for training 100 hours a week, the body would crumble!! Dance training must always quality, with quality teachers, and the way you teach is changed and assessed on the individuals ability, needs and limits. No Childs/young dancers health or welfare should come second to the art form. NEVER. Unfortunately this is defiantly forgotten by some dance teachers/schools who put financial and personal gratification ahead of the students needs. I am not medically trained, but have been a ballet teacher for nearly 20 years and went to RBS and was an ex professional classical dancer for 3 years. Over the last 2 years I have had 4 different talented young professionals come to our courses/private classes whom I have spotted with serious career ending injuries/problems, which was not spotted by their vocational schools, or other dance teachers/schools whom they have been going to for 3-8 years. Luckily with help from medical professionals in our network, the problems where caught just in time and their dance careers saved. I am not naming any names, but the care for the students MUST come first. Thanks for reading, this is just my story, and opinion. Nicola Moriarty x
  4. Nicola Moriarty

    ACORNS - Sunday Associates with Woodside Dance Retreat

    MrsMoo2 Thats very kind of you to say, thank you. We are really trying to offer something amazing for our students to give them a boost to their existing training. We do have students who travel 2-3 hours one Sunday a month to have train with me. It helps being 10am-3pm then parents can head off to shop at bluewater, go to some of the country parks, or visit some of Kents amazing tourist sites etc. All knowing that their dancing Son/Daughter is getting the best training in what they love! Please help us spread the word. Places are a filling fast. All the best Nic x
  5. Nicola Moriarty

    ACORNS - Sunday Associates with Woodside Dance Retreat

    Hi All DONT MISS OUT. Places are filling fast for our Sunday Associate programme in Sevenoaks, Kent starting September 2018. We are over 70% full and places are going daily. It really is a great day to learn lots of the key information and improve greatly. ONLY 16 students per class, and quality training to help BOOST your classical ballet training. 10pm - 3pm with lunch included. Please email nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details. Kind regards Nicola Moriarty W
  6. Nicola Moriarty

    Winter training

    Hi Ballet novice We run a Xmas intensive which is great fun and sandwiched between boxing day and new years eve on 27th/28th/29th December. It is a great way to go back to the new assessment term or audition term without the mince pies onboard !! Please email for further details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Also check out our Facebook pages and instagram pages. We also run Easter courses too. Good luck. Kind regards Nicola Moriarty Principal
  7. Nicola Moriarty

    Summer School for beginners...

    Dear Mrs Moo2 Please look at our Summer Schools and intensives for next year, 2019. We are fully sold out this year, but we have a minimum age of 11 years old, but next year 2019 your DS should be 11 I think and would be welcome to join us. Courses are run from our family home and we have 12 guests maximum we run a hand full of 3 day intensives a year and our International Summer Schools - Principals Weeks. Please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and our website www.woodsidedanceretreat.com. Good luck and enjoy the summer. Kind regards Nicola Moriarty Principal
  8. Nicola Moriarty

    NEW Woodside School of Ballet - South East Area

    Hi All We are pleased to announce our First set of Auditions for our new school will be help on the 5th May 2018. Please email nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for an application form. This is going to be something spectacular with only 16 students per class and the highest quality training for 10 hours a week. If you aspire to be a Ballerina, or dance classical ballet around the world, then we are here to make you the BEST you can be. Get in touch now and join us in this new venture. Kind regards Nicola Moriarty Principal
  9. Nicola Moriarty

    NEW Woodside School of Ballet - South East Area

    Hi All We are based in Sevenoaks Kent. If anyone require any more information please email us, or message via ballet forum. Thanks for the kind words Dancing Queen. Regards Nic x
  10. Nicola Moriarty

    Additional training on top of vocational

    Hi All Lovely reading all your answers. My son has just gained a place at White Lodge starting September after only dancing properly since September last year. We are very happy, and going to miss him loads, but he has shown great strength and courage since he started, so now I can't stop him dancing! lol. 10-11 weeks of ballet is fair to long. Far to long away from any sport/hobby/activity it is important to have a routine to keep fitness and strength, and go to quality additional training. We open our home for approx 40 days of the year where we hold courses for young dancers, Intensives and summer schools. We only take 12 guests, so the personal attention is second to none and we can really focus on any problem areas. We have a number of White Lodge'rs and Elmhurst students come to use, and some require permission from the school and that permission has always been granted (Which is nice to know). Please see our faceBook and Instagram pages for lots of pictures of what we are all about. Especially our 3 or 6 days intensive at the end of August (70% place gone already). Great for going back to school focused and prepared. Hope that helps. Nic x
  11. Nicola Moriarty

    Associate classes - increasing number of hours of ballet pw

    Dear Sugarplummum Lovely of you to share your story. We run a Sunday Associate class down in Sevenoaks, Kent. We do have a few parents come from 2hours away, but maybe Nottingham would be a bit of a stretch! We also run many live-in courses at our family home (only 12 guests) throughout the year which will give young dancers a chance to live away from home and spend it with other like minded students. Please see out FaceBook and Instagram pages for lots of pictures and more details. See the Easter course (1 place left) and our intensives at the end of August (filling fast). We have guests come from all over the country, its really is a special place to be. We try to be honest with parents as well as the children about there ability and direction in which to channel efforts and finances (not cheap being a BM) and look to make confident and well rounded dancers as well as humans. A happy dancer is a good dancer. The pressure young children put on their tiny shoulders is a big problem. If you need more details or would like to chat, please email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Good luck, and I hope I have helped. Regards Nic x
  12. Nicola Moriarty

    ACORNS - Sunday Associates with Woodside Dance Retreat

    Hi All We are now registering interest for our very popular Sunday Associates class for September 2018. Being 'Woodside Dance Retreat' we call our Associates, our 'Acorns' and we all know what they grow into don't we........Mighty strong Oaks! So if your son or daughter has a passion for ballet, likes to work hard and wants a boost to their current training come along and join our Sunday Associates from September. We only have 16 per class to give personal attention to each student and to allow me to work on there trouble areas of Ballet. Every Sunday 10am-3pm from our studio in Sevenoaks. We provide lunch for all students and also include a bit of personal choreography for each student for every class, all for just £45 for the day. This gives parents plenty of time to drop them off, know they are having fun and learning lots. Then parents head to Bluewater for breakfast and a bit of shopping, or to the many local tourist attractions in Kent for the day, or even back to bed for a while, safe in the knowledge that we are stimulating the ballet mind and body of their little superstar! Some students come once a month, others come twice. We are seeing incredible improvements and progression from every single one. Please see our Facebook and Instagram pages. Email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com to arrange a FREE 45mins private assessment class so we can discuss your options, and what we offer while seeing your son or daughters ability and potential. We ask parents to stay for this first class so they can see how I work, and how I interact with your child and have a good chat. I am sure you will be very happy with what we offer, and I will always be honest with parents and child on ability and potential. I can't wait to hear from you all. Thanks Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat / Woodside School of Ballet
  13. Nicola Moriarty

    NEW Woodside School of Ballet - South East Area

    Dear All Woodside Dance retreat is proud to announce the opening of a brand new Ballet school in September 2018. The Woodside School of Ballet is looking for outstanding Boys and Girl Ballet dancers in two age groups, 9-12 years and 13-18 years, to start with us at our new Ballet School OPENING from September 2018. We are looking for students with the right mindset, and right work ethic to train 10 hours a week with our Principal Nicola Moriarty (2 x 3 hours sessions in the evening, and 1 x 5 hours session on a Saturday). To show the courage and commitment to our programme to be the best they can be, while encouraging their peers along the way all within a caring small family school enviroment. There will only be 16 students in each age group to give the best personal attention and incredible quality training. These will be selected in May Auditions so please message for an application form. This is going to be something extremely special, something like no other school that exists. If you are selected, then we will work hard together as a school, work to achieve impeccable technique, musicality, artistry and stamina! Exams are not a focus, but students will be entered when they are ready, competitions will be entered and the End of year show will consist of choreography from world renown teachers and performers. The list of GREAT stuff planned is huge! We will also be catering for the 5-8 year olds with Ballet FUN-damentals programme. More details to follow :-) Please email me for more information. nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com. Thank you Nicola x
  14. Nicola Moriarty

    Easter Intensive NEARLY SOLD OUT

    Hi Guys If you need a boost this Easter with your Ballet. Just so you know we have only 2 places left for our Easter Intensive on the 11th.12th and 13th Easter. £395 live-in all food and drinks etc. 3 full days of classes. Thanks Nic x
  15. Nicola Moriarty

    Ballet Summer Schools End of August

    We run 3 and 6 day Summer intensive which start 25th August, they are live in courses with me at our home retreat. We only take 12 guests and we have 70% sold out already. Please see our website and FB or Instagram pages. Email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details. Thanks Nic xx