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  1. ACORNS - Sunday Associates with Woodside Dance Retreat

    Hi All We are now registering interest for our very popular Sunday Associates class for September 2018. Being 'Woodside Dance Retreat' we call our Associates, our 'Acorns' and we all know what they grow into don't we........Mighty strong Oaks! So if your son or daughter has a passion for ballet, likes to work hard and wants a boost to their current training come along and join our Sunday Associates from September. We only have 16 per class to give personal attention to each student and to allow me to work on there trouble areas of Ballet. Every Sunday 10am-3pm from our studio in Sevenoaks. We provide lunch for all students and also include a bit of personal choreography for each student for every class, all for just £45 for the day. This gives parents plenty of time to drop them off, know they are having fun and learning lots. Then parents head to Bluewater for breakfast and a bit of shopping, or to the many local tourist attractions in Kent for the day, or even back to bed for a while, safe in the knowledge that we are stimulating the ballet mind and body of their little superstar! Some students come once a month, others come twice. We are seeing incredible improvements and progression from every single one. Please see our Facebook and Instagram pages. Email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com to arrange a FREE 45mins private assessment class so we can discuss your options, and what we offer while seeing your son or daughters ability and potential. We ask parents to stay for this first class so they can see how I work, and how I interact with your child and have a good chat. I am sure you will be very happy with what we offer, and I will always be honest with parents and child on ability and potential. I can't wait to hear from you all. Thanks Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat / Woodside School of Ballet
  2. Dear All Woodside Dance retreat is proud to announce the opening of a brand new Ballet school in September 2018. The Woodside School of Ballet is looking for outstanding Boys and Girl Ballet dancers in two age groups, 9-12 years and 13-18 years, to start with us at our new Ballet School OPENING from September 2018. We are looking for students with the right mindset, and right work ethic to train 10 hours a week with our Principal Nicola Moriarty (2 x 3 hours sessions in the evening, and 1 x 5 hours session on a Saturday). To show the courage and commitment to our programme to be the best they can be, while encouraging their peers along the way all within a caring small family school enviroment. There will only be 16 students in each age group to give the best personal attention and incredible quality training. These will be selected in May Auditions so please message for an application form. This is going to be something extremely special, something like no other school that exists. If you are selected, then we will work hard together as a school, work to achieve impeccable technique, musicality, artistry and stamina! Exams are not a focus, but students will be entered when they are ready, competitions will be entered and the End of year show will consist of choreography from world renown teachers and performers. The list of GREAT stuff planned is huge! We will also be catering for the 5-8 year olds with Ballet FUN-damentals programme. More details to follow :-) Please email me for more information. nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com. Thank you Nicola x
  3. Easter Intensive NEARLY SOLD OUT

    Hi Guys If you need a boost this Easter with your Ballet. Just so you know we have only 2 places left for our Easter Intensive on the 11th.12th and 13th Easter. £395 live-in all food and drinks etc. 3 full days of classes. Thanks Nic x
  4. Ballet Summer Schools End of August

    We run 3 and 6 day Summer intensive which start 25th August, they are live in courses with me at our home retreat. We only take 12 guests and we have 70% sold out already. Please see our website and FB or Instagram pages. Email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details. Thanks Nic xx
  5. Easter Intensive NEARLY SOLD OUT

    Hi All We have just 2 places left on our EASTER 3 DAY BALLET INTENSIVE. £395 all inclusive course, live in at Woodside Dance Retreat. 3 full days of class, relaxation and fun. We will be looking at Performance and Musicality in a bit more detail also for this important show term, and have a former professional West End performer Guest Teacher to assist and help you connect with the audience. Don for get you will work with me for 3 days on the things which you struggle with, the areas which are nagging you, or your son or daughter! I am here to help, and any questions about anything Ballet are welcome. Please message me on nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Thanks for reading. Nic xx
  6. NEWS - Woodside School of Ballet - Kent

    Dear All We are delighted to announce that we will be opening 'Woodside School of ballet' in September 2018. Run by myself Ex classical dancer and teacher of 18 years Nicola Moriarty, we will be looking to take on ONLY 16 students in each age bracket (9-12 years and 13 upwards). So only 32 students in the whole school. Focusing on high quality conditioning and training in classical ballet for those who wish to have a strong career in dance. We will also run 'Intro to ballet' classes for ages 5-8 years old to make sure that the foundations and fundamentals for correct technique are installed earlier for the next step to becoming a ballerina. Please email for more details, and an application form. Auditions will be in May 2018. It is very exciting time for us, and hope you can share this with your friends and dancers. Please follow us on FB and Instagram. Kind regards Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat
  7. Hi All We are again running our 3 or 6 day Summer Intensives at the end of August 2018. If you have not got yourself a Summer School, or want that extra boost to go back to school in September. Please email for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com. Price is £395 All inclusive Live-in for all classes, food and drinks etc. We work hard and have a lot of fun too. Kind regards Nicola x
  8. Easter Intensive NEARLY SOLD OUT

    Dear All We are very please to announce that on the 11th/12th/13th April during the Easter break. We will be running a further 3 day ballet Intensive. With end of year shows looming, we will focus on Performance, Artistry and Musicality. Working with myself and other special guest leading West End professionals. We will learn how to draw a crowd into your performance, and send them to another world of dreams and emotions. We all dance for that one big performance, or that end of year show, to hear the crowd roar! Course fee's £395 and Include 2/3 nights accommodation, all locally sourced organic meals and drinks and 3 full days of classes. We ONLY ever take 12 guests to allow for close specific personal training for each guest. Building lifelong friends, as well as improving technique, fitness, flexibility and stamina. For more details please email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com. Thank you for your time. Nic x
  9. 3 day Xmas Ballet Intensive Training

    Dear All We are again running our 3 day Xmas intensive on the 28th/29th/30 December 2017. With only 3 places left and we will cover all the key elements of classical ballet, focus on your weak points, or areas your vocational teacher has mentioned. We will work on your confidence, and look to make you stand out and shine in Auditions or during Assessments. For some, the 1st term of 2018 is extremely important. We are here to help, and also make sure you don't lose your edge during the Xmas period and that you go back fully focused and at your best. Please email me with any questions nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Kind regards Nicola
  10. Spring/Easter dance intensive course for 9 year olds

    Hi Balletmum22 I just saw your post, and wanted to let you know that we will be running something during easter, but have not finalised the details. Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you more info when we have everything confirmed. Kind regards Nicola Moriarty
  11. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Hi Celb I wanted to offer some information to you to your above question. We have a number of RBS students visit our international Summer Schools each year for the last 2 years. We have Hope Keelan and Anitia Young from RBS coming again in 2018 to teach our guests. RBS students do need approval I understand to visit us, but so fair this has not been a problem. If you require more information about our International Summer Schools 2018 - Principal Weeks, please email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com. I hope this helps. Kind regards Nic x
  12. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Hi There Please look at our International Principal Weeks 2018 Summer Schools. They are very personal as we only have 12 guests on each week. All inclusive inclusive, accommodation, all food and drinks included. Plus we go to a West End show and return in a Limo, and go out on Location for a photo shoot. On top of this, this years we have possible the best Summer School Line Up, all coming to teach for a full day. Edward Watson MBE - Principal Roya Ballet Company. One of the greatest Male Dancer of our time ! (our opinion) Ricardo Cervera - Ballet Master of the Royal Ballet Company Hope Keelan - RBS Anita Young - RBS Sarah Lamb - Principal Royaa Ballet Company Zenadia Yanowsky - Former Principal Rpyal Balley Company Please email me at nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details. Check out our FB pages and INstragram pages. Lots of pictures about what we do. We are more then 50% sold out, so please let me know if you are interested. We are not the cheapest Summer School, but we think we offer incredible value for money. Kind regards Nic x
  13. Hi All *** ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT *** We are again running our 3 day Christmas Ballet Intensive on the 28th/29th/30th December 2017. A MUST for all whom wish to keep in top physical, mental and technical shape for the important "Assessment" term, or for any ballet dancer wishing to go back to their school with an "edge" over the rest! We will focus your mind and your body, and send you back fighting fit and ready to take on 2018, prepared and ready! 3 full days of class with me, Nicola Moriarty, 2/3 nights accommodation, all food and drinks are included - £395.00 (12 places only) Being the festive period we will have lots of fun, and games. But.......... we will work hard and build confidence and focus on those areas of concern within your technique. I trained at RBS and danced professionally for 3 years around Europe. I have taught classical ballet to such a range of students over the last 20 years, I feel I know how to bring out the best in you! We will welcome you into the WDR family and once you in, you won't want to leave! *** ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT *** Please email me for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com and we can have a chat. Kind regards Nic x
  14. Hi All If you are looking to dust away the summer cobwebs before the start of the new school term. We have 2 places left on our Live-in all inclusive 3 day ballet intensive starting 31st August to 2nd September. £395 includes all classes, training, accommodation, food etc. We will work on all the key parts to get you fighting fit for the new school term, and for many the important Audition term!! Message for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Regards Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat
  15. Dear Ballet Mum's / Dad's and Students We are offering a lovely 3 day or 6 day Ballet intensive course at the end of the summer to get your ballet technique in check, your fitness back up and iron out all those little niggles just in time for the new school term and the looming auditions. Price is £395 all inclusive and live-in for 3 days, £695 for 6 days. We have 3 places left on our 1st course and 4 left on our second course. We only take 12 so the care and personal correction/attention is great. We are seeing some incredible results with our guests. Please email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details, and to talk about your needs, worries or concerns. We are here to help. Kindest regards Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat