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Vocational Schools. What happens after Year 11?


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Well - kind of - although that's probably not quite how I'd've put it :) .


They all have to audition for whichever schools they would like, the same as everyone else, including the school they're currently at (although I'd be interested to hear from Hammond and Tring, because I think some children are offered funded - either DaDA or continuing MDS funding - fairly early in the year).


I was going to say that, generally they do stand more chance of getting into their respective upper schools/sixth forms if they're already at the school - but that doesn't really give an accurate picture. As the students already at vocational schools at various schools, plus they're joined by non-vocationally training students, there's a lot of competition. However, if you look at RBS and Elmhurst upper schools, for example, there are more students who were from vocational schools than not (in most years).


And then of course the whole systems changing next year (?) but noone's said quite how yet!


Also - not all year 11 students are after classical places - several each year go to places like Laines, Performers etc and some might stop full-time dance training altogether.


Does that answer your question?

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