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Guggenheim Events to again be live streamed ...

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Core information


All of these shows will be live streamed.

Dates / USA Times: Justin Peck, 18.1 @ 7:30 and all of the ABT 75th Anniversary Events: 19.4 @ 3:00pm, 19.4 @ 7:30pm and 20.4 @ 7:30pm. The first ABT talk will cover dancers from 1940-1965; followed by ABT dancers from 1965-1990*; and the last group (the McKenzie dancers) 1990-2015. There is no date yet announced for the Whelan/Watson presentation.


*This segment should certainly feature Dowell of RB fame as he was a key ABT dancer during much of this time.


In my experience these programmes do not have the geographical restrictions that others have and are available on YouTube almost immediately thereafter for the greater benefit of all. 

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