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Advice wanted from American Ballet Friends ...


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My Uncle (who is 60 + and sadly a recent widower) has never danced in his life, but he loves ballet and dance in general. Can anyone in the US recommend adult classes/workshops or touring companies that cover the Gridley, California area ? Thank you. x

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Gridley, CA, is a small town located near Cal State Chico to the north and Cal State Sacramento to the south. Both have dance programs with beginning ballet classes. Many California State University campuses have a generous program allowing anyone over 60 to enroll in classes for a modest ($3) registration fee. I suggest he get in touch with either of those departments by e-mail to see what he might do. It's a safe bet that those dance programs have (at a minimum) student recitals now and then.






But the best option seems to be the Sacramento Ballet, both for performances and some open adult beginner classes at their school: http://www.sacballet.org/

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