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Book Title fits the Reader


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Am enjoying reading "Geek Girl" tremendously (well, it's the school holidays ....)  Until I notice that the equations on the front cover are made up. Incorrect.  Plain wrong!


This is annoying me so much I am going to have to put a cover over the book cover (tricky, its a library book)  or abandon the book half way and move on to volume 2.  Assuming it is equation free.


Does this mean the cover is designed by someone who had a lamentable result at GCSE maths or that I have found my perfect book if I am so concerned about this detail?

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Sounds as though you've found the perfect book!


Seriously, I'd write to the publisher and let them know that their jacket design has a few reality-based problems and see what they say. Might be good for a laugh if nothing else.


Reminds me of the times that Neil deGrasse Tyson is on The Daily Show - apparently the first time he was on there, he pointed out that during their opening credits the globe was spinning in the wrong direction, and Jon Stewart seemed surprised that anyone would notice, never mind care. So now, whenever he's on The Daily Show, they do some sort of mirror effect thingy so that the globe is spinning correctly. Apparently Tyson had a go at James Cameron about the constellations being wrong in Titanic and got told to mind his own business (which actually, since he's an astrophysicist, it really was his business, but whatever) - but then Cameron got back in touch with him when they released the 3D version to ask what they should be doing with the sky, so sometimes it helps to point these things out.


Then again, scientific and mathematical howlers are par for the course in movies (and apparently books). You'd think, considering the millions they spend making movies, that they could spend a few thousand running the script by a post-doc or two to see if there's anything dreadful in it, especially if it's a movie about scientific or medical topics.

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