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Yvonne Cartier (1930-2014)

I received a message from a friend in Paris that Yvonne Cartier died earlier this month. I heard about her as a dance and mime teacher but knew nothing about her origin and earlier career. Googled her name this morning and discovered that her best dancing years happened to be in London. She emigrated from New Zealand to England on scholarship to the Royal Ballet School. Worked at first for Ballet for Beginners Company where as Swanhilda she was partnered by Ken Russell (later the film-maker) as Coppelius. She did revues, cabaret and some TV work and then joined Sadlers’ Wells and eventually the future Royal Ballet.


Does anyone on the forum remember her?

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Amelia, I actually knew Yvonne Cartier as I was introduced to her in Paris by the critic Katherine Kanter who was a friend of hers.  Yvonne lived in Paris and regularly attended POB performances, but I last saw her here in London when we both attended a weekend of demonstration classes given by, amongst others, Flemming Ryborg.  I shall get out the picture I took of her tonight.


Yvonne can be spotted dancing in those early SWB DVD's as (I think) Spanish dancer in Nutcracker and Carabosse.  Very sorry to hear of her passing she was a great all-rounder and a former stalwart of SWB.  R.I.P Yvonne.

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