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Rambert: Four Elements, London, May 2014

John Mallinson

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The Rambert programme comprised Christopher Bruce's Rooster, Lucinda Childs' Four Elements, Merce Cunningham's Sounddance and Richard Alston's Dutiful Ducks. The photocall was for Four Elements alone.


Four Elements: Stephen Wright, Antonette Dayritt, Mbulelo Ndabeni, Hannah Rudd and Dane Hurst 
Antonette Dayritt, Dane Hurst, Adam Blyde and Estela Merlos 


More… John Ross: Four Elements - 17 photos


Discussion of this programme is here

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More from the photocall, these from Foteini Christofilopoulou.


Dane Hurst, Mbulelo Ndabeni. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr ©Foteini Christofilopoulou.
Dane Hurst, Antonette Dayrit, Estela Merlos, Mbulelo Ndabeni, Hannah Rudd, Stephen Wright.
Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr ©Foteini Christofilopoulou.
More… Foteini Christofilopoulou: Four Elements - 15 photos
Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr


Discussion of this programme is here

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