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Robert Norths Snowman

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I have seen this at my theatre. I have it on DVD where the panto was mixed with the ballet I believe. I preferred the Ballet only that I saw live in my theatre though it is an entertainment and not pure ballet. However that is all irrelevant. I guess this show I would say has been discussed before.


For me it is I guess the most magical show I have ever seen, pure theatrical magic and inspired genius in  my view. The only thing for me that rivalled it was seeing the Kirov ballet. The flying the whole thing is amazing for me. I remember reading that this would be done and thinking if done well it could be good then I forgot about it.totally.


It is one of those shows I feel that even the advertising that blows up things could not tell you how amazing it is. If anyone has not seen it you must see it take your kids beg for a ticket anything. In all my life for pure theatre nothing beats it nor ever will I think.


I could say its the best thing ever but it is one of those shows that you really have to see to enjoy it. I was convinced people came who had no interest in ballet but loved it too. Never have I heard so much cheering and applause for the orchestra at the start of the second half.


I guess you have all seen it too.

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I believe it is one of the longest running (if not the longest running) Christmas show in London (25 years plus). It has also in recent years been to Edinburgh and the Lowry so I suppose a fair number of people have seen it especially as children. It is magical.

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