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Artistic Director Peter Breuer, Director of the Salzburg Ballet and SIBA Ballet Workshops

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"Marie Antoinette" by the Salzburg Ballet, directed by Peter Breuer




SIBA Ballet Workshop



Artistic Director Peter Breuer, Director of the Salzburg Ballett,  Ildiko Pongor - The Hungarian National Ballet, Alexander Korobko - Ballet Master - Salzburg Ballet, Crisinta Uta, Principal dancer Salzburg Ballet, Fabrice Edelmann - Rehearsal Director Compaïa Nacional de Danza 2, Tony Fabre, Nacho Duato,  Peter McCoy - Jazz and Contemporary choreographer, and more....  Accompanists: Rodika Foigelman, Romania,  and Lana Orlova, Russia.



One of the many goals of SIBA is to 'polish' the dancer's personal skills and most of all give them the stage experience they need, by producing 4 gala shows in 3 different theaters.

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