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Insight Evenings & In Rehearsal

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Did anyone see last night's Insight evening and can give a brief account of it here?


I always used to love going to these but tickets are so hard to get hold of.  I was thrilled to see 2 tickets up for sale yesterday but sadly was stuck in traffic on the M25.


I do wish they would revert to making these evenings available to all.  On the rare occasion I get to go, I can't help noticing a lot of familiar faces so if the new policy is to attract newcomers, it simply isn't working. 



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I believe last night was Gary Avis teaching Ryo Hirano and Olivia Cowley a section from Chroma (I wasn't there but that's what twitter said!).


In a related note, I was pleased to see a clip from the Insights on Ballet Evolved has gone up on the ROH youtube channel: Johan Kobborg teaching Marcelino Sambe the opening section from the Flower Festival of Genzano pas de deux:



(been trying to embed the video - no idea how to do it... And now it seems to be working!)

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