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Keeping fit during summer break

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As the ballet companies reach the end of the season and dancers prepare for their summer break, I was wondering whether the companies that offer year round contracts (RB, BRB, ENB etc) still organise daily classes for the dancers during the break. Obviously they need a holiday and lots of them do galas elsewhere, but they won't start performing again until Sept/ Oct, and i'm assuming they still need to rehearse and work out during that time to stay fit, maintain muscles, strength and technique. Do they organise that themselves?

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I know that the RB dancers have a 5 week holiday break after finishing their annual Tour but they are back in the ROH studios by mid-August to take their daily company class thus giving them over 6 weeks to train, prepare and rehearse for the new Season. As you said, many dancers keep going through their 5 week holiday break by dancing in Galas. I assume they take a few days rest here and there. 

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