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Ballet West 1st & 2nd and 3rd year performance

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Ballet West students had assessments this weekend and turned it into a show in Oban.

Friday night 1st and 2nd years, 11 performances.

It was that good it was suggested they go on tour!

Johnathon said its the best performance 1st and 2nd years have given. Ballet, contemporary, irish dancing, jazz and singing. Well done.

3rd years, well Romeo and Juliet was about 20 mins long and was beautifully done. Pdd so elegant, singing out of this world and the Mad Hatters Tea Party piece (Royal Ballet) was good, pity her tail fell off but carried on as if nothing happened. The dance with the chairs and 8 girls was brilliant, the strength they had lifting themselves from a seated position up on 2 hands.

Next was curtain covering top half of girls just showing legs and pointe. Brilliant with a bit of humour. Ballet and Contemporary was lovely. such strong boys. Tap was spot on and so professional. It was worth driving up to Scotland. Wouldn't have thought it was part of their HND and final year assessments. Wasn't expecting such 2 good performances.

Brilliant well done BW.

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