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Carlos Acosta - "On Before" - Edinburgh, April 2013

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I included a Scotsman article in this morning's Links, repeated here:




From it I see that Carlos Acosta is putting on a show entitled "On Before" for two nights next week in Edinburgh.  I note that it features Zenaida Yanowsky and a list of choreographers that together make the show sound like a re-working of his "Premieres Plus" at the Coliseum, London, some two years ago.  This view is strengthened by noting on the theatre website that Morten Lauridsen's choral "O Magnum Mysterium" will feature in a 'moving finale.'  There was no particular storyline that I recall back then, but I see that "On Before" will now tell the tale of a doomed relationship.  I can't find any sign that the show is to be repeated elsewhere, so I'm wondering if anyone knows a bit more about what's involved here?


I was greatly disappointed in "Premieres Plus," the more so as it involved Miss Yanowsky, a very particular, personal favourite (as I may just have mentioned on here before!).  I trust that whatever reworking is in hand as "On Before" will improve things, and would urge anyone up there seeing it to let us know how it goes.



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There have been two links to reviews of "On Before" now.  It would appear that the re-working of material used earlier has been to excellent effect, so congratulations all round.





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