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Help with boys ballet shoes slipping off ballet tights


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Lots of female dancers have same problem & it’s been discussed so you may find info from a search…

I also know lots prefer to use stirrup tights where they can as this leaves the heel free….is this an option? 
Hairspray or Róisìn spray (Bloch I think sell this) sprayed on heel & shoe can work well too.

Good luck! 

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You beat me to it Peanut! Are these stirrup ballet tights?

with the toes and heels cut out?

They shouldn’t fall off with stirrup tights. If not, can you replace with stirrup tights?

If not,  a lovely mixture of roisin and hairspray might work. You can buy a pack of roisin for violins online and crush to make a nice sticky goo. Or buy the one suggested above.

Or sewing a piece of elastic at the back of the shoe ( same colour as tights so it doesn’t show!) This is what you do with pointe shoes. Find the seam at back of shoe and sew a goodthumbs width from the seam on either side. The elastic will sit high up near the ankle.

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