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Message From The Moderators

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Hello forum members.  We are sorry to have to communicate these words, but recent events impel us to do so.


As most of you know, we moderators give our time and efforts to the forum on a voluntary basis, and have been doing so for the past 12 years of our lives.  We try our best to navigate a complex world of social media, legal action, finances, etc. etc.  As we have said many times, there is much more going on behind the scenes than you are aware of.  So, things can get complicated or difficult both for us and our members.  We do have be careful about all kinds of things, and we often have to curtail discussion or take down links even if we don't want to.  We would also point out once more that if we get sued for any reason, the moderators are the ones who would have to deal with the legal and financial consequences.


We do this as we all love our artform and want to give everybody the chance to share the love, exchange ideas and opinions, and learn from each other.  So whilst we are happy to put in the time and effort required to run this forum, we are not willing to be insulted, either as a group or as individuals.  We put up with enough without having that piled on top of everything else.  We are always pleased to receive your constructive criticism, suggestions for improvements (which more often than not we act upon) and other comments.  However, insults and personal denigration will no longer be tolerated, so please be aware that anyone being rude or insulting towards the moderators or anyone else may face an immediate ban, either permanent or temporary. We understand that everyone is human and may have an 'off' day, but that doesn't excuse consistent unpleasantness.  We don't ban members lightly; when we do, we take into consideration what they have written, how they have written it, how many times in the past they have been reported by other members, and how many times in the past they have been deemed to have breached our AUP (a link to which is provided below).   We are sorry to have to say this, but we will no longer host that kind of toxicity on this board.  Of course, this applies to anyone being insulted, not just the moderators.


We want the forum to be a place where people feel that they can have differing opinions, discussions and debates without fear of nasty comments or insults.  The vast majority of our members adhere to this and make the forum the lively place that it is, but as ever it is always the few who can mar it for everyone else.  We have had comments from quite a few members who no longer post up, or who would like to but are fearful of doing so, because they are scared of being insulted or swamped.  This is not what we want people to feel:  we want to encourage an ethos of lively debate and learning, as well as the exchange of reviews and views.  


From us to you, we thank you for your understanding and co-operation.  


As a reminder, here is the forum's AUP/Guidelines, to which every registered member agrees to abide when they sign up.



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