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Nails sticking out of the sole of pointe shoes


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Hi all, I wonder if anyone can give advice please!


My dd wears Bloch Serenade Strong pointe shoes, and has noticed the tips of nails on the sole of her current pair of shoes are sticking out just a fraction and are catching on the floor. It's the ones under the ball of the foot where the shoes bend at demi-pointe.


We were wondering:


Is this a fault in the shoes and should we take them back?




Is it possible to pull the nails out without affecting the strength of the shank?




Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do?

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I would like to return them, but I bought them online and can't remember who from! (a reputable supplier, but I use several and don't know which one).


I've attacked the nail tips with an industrial-strength nail file, and they do seem to be smoother, so I will wait until dd dances in them again to see if it makes a difference.


If not, I will get in touch with Bloch directly, I think, to see what they think.

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