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wanted rad grade 7 and advanced foundation dvd


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   Still looking for these two dvd if anyone has a copy.

Hi ballemum, are you looking for Advanced Foundation (that's what the post title says) or Intermediate Foundation (as above)? I have Advanced Foundation. Would need to check how much postage from Australia costs. :) Let me know if you are interested.

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Hi sorry advanced foundation, yes i am interested let me know what you would like for it.

Hi Ballemum, 

the postage is 4.20 UK pounds (I don't have a 'pound' symbol on my keyboard). I had a look to see what others are selling RAD dvds for - someone was advertising 12 pounds - so 16 pounds all up. That sounds ok if it suits you. It has never been used. My dd swapped a couple of years ago from Cecchetti and had to take her Intermediate exam before any others, she then skipped Adv Foundation as she had done the equivalent in Cecchetti, went on to do Adv 1 but we had already purchased the dvd from England :)


PM me if you would like to buy it, we could use paypal.



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