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Pointe work


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Hi my daughter is 14 and feels that she does not get enough pointe work integrated into her classes (usually 15 minutes at the end of the lesson) As she wishes to audition next year for vocational school she wants to build her confidence in this area. Should I ask her teachers if it is possible to do the whole lesson on pointe - there is no separate pointe lesson available - or would this be considered inappropriate.

Thankful for all your views and experiences.

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I would speak to your DDs teacher about this and take her advice.


My Dd was relatively late to pointe work but is now very strong on it as the muscles in her feet are so strong and she has overtaken many others that started earlier and appear to have done more.


By way of contrast one of her friends changed schools to do more polite work and almost immediately fractured her ankle...but she may just have been unlucky!


Confidence is so important, but I am sure the dance teacher will have her best interests at heart and know her dancing so well. So speak to her and explain your case. It is quite down to the individuals capabilities I would suggest and who better to judge this than someone who sees her regularly.


I would just like to say that DD is auditioning this year and the pointe work at auditions is not difficult or lengthy.


Good luck with whatever you decide...it's quite hard to know what to do for the best.



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