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MIDAS Open session - Sunday February 6th


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On Sunday February 6th MIDAS is opening the doors to our regular monthly classes to anyone who would like to try a session, and potentially join the monthly classes from as early as March. Classes are usually held on Sunday afternoons at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) Birmingham, where there is parking, a large cafe, cinema and art galleries as well as access to a lovely big park - ie there's plenty to entertain other family members!

Sessions are 2.5 hours long and consist of a ballet class, conditioning and technical jazz skills (leaps / turns etc)


We have 3 levels; Level 1 is usually age 9-11 or working at grade 2-4, Level 2 is usually age 11-14 or working at intermediate foundation/intermediate and Level 3 is around age 14+ or advanced foundation and above.


Price is £20 per dancer. 


To apply, please complete the short form at https://forms.gle/ZJfoQNjK4LArUQMG7



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