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Free Class and Choreography Workshop Mon 3rd Jan at the Dance Studio Leeds

Louisa Hadari

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Kes Earnshaw is looking for dancers to block an ensemble piece of Ballet/Contemporary fusion choreography at Dance Studio Leeds. The 2½ hour choreography workshop will take place on Mon 3rd Jan from 11.30-2pm and will be preceded (at 10am) by a full ballet class and warm-up. On this occasion, Kes is specifically looking for both ballet and contemporary dancers who are comfortable with classical music. (The music we are using is linked at the bottom of this post.) Most of the choreography will be set in advance; however, there will be moments for individual and group improvisation.

This is an excellent opportunity for dancers from across disciplines to broaden their experience learning and responding to new choreography. It is also a great opportunity to take a full studio class early in the new year and ease your body back into dancing before going back to full-time training/performing. If you are interested please send a brief CV and introduction to kes.earnshaw@protonmail.com.

Link to music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWrFVjKKo-U

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