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Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui leaves Ballet Flanders for Ballet de Genève

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The Belgian choreographer will succeed Phillippe Cohen at Geneva: 



I'm bit confused, as Ballet de Genève has currently 22 dancers - I remember when Flanders did Sleeping Beauty or Onegin, the company must be so much bigger than Geneva. What a strange move.

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Flanders has downsized considerably in the last few years. Since the merger with the opera company I imagine this was a financial choice.

I’m not too surprised by this move since Cherkaoui’s work has long been in the repertoire of Geneva, the best of luck to him in Switzerland!

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9 hours ago, LACAD said:

I can’t either with it’s current layout,


A strange thing that they won't show their ensemble.

I'm still bewildered by Cherkaoui's move - he IS Belgian, his Eastman Company is in Belgium, so why move to a smaller company and leave what he has built in Flanders? Well, we will see.

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