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The Professional Community Adapts to the Ballet World

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Hi Everyone,


I have just published a story titled The Professional Ballet Community Adapts in a Pandemic World: Artistic Leadership, Dancers, and Educators Share Their Thoughts About the Past, Present, and Future in which 35 professionals of the ballet world respond to the following questions:


1. How have the events of the past year influenced how directors, teachers, choreographers, and dancers approach their jobs?

2. Although we all wish we had an eight ball, we know the future is unforeseeable. That being said, relative to the ballet industry, what predictions can we make for 2021?


The companies included are:


Alberta Ballet
American Ballet Theatre
Amy Seiwert's Imagery
Ballet West
Ballet Arizona
Bayerisches Staatsballett
Boston Ballet
Carolina Ballet
Cincinnati Ballet
Grand Rapids Ballet
The Joffrey Ballet
Miami City Ballet
Opéra Nice Côte d'Azur
Pacific Northwest Ballet
The Sarasota Ballet
Singapore Dance Theatre
The National Ballet of Canada
Tulsa Ballet


as well as a few freelancers.


It's a long read, but one broken up in chapters so you can take it little by little :) I hope you enjoy hearing the voices of all of these wonderful people that make the ballet world so beautiful!



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