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The Ballerina's Little Black Book By Brittani marie


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A collection of inspiring interviews and striking photography from prominent brown ballerinas. 


The Ballerina's Little Black Book compiles a wealth of stories, advice and training information directly from the women who are breaking down barriers. 


Aspiring ballerinas can read messages from famed dancers like Aesha Ash, Alicia Graf Mack and even a personal message from none other than Misty Copeland. 
Filled with wisdom, solutions, and powerful visuals, The Ballerina's Little Black Book is the ultimate handbook


Brought for my daughter who wants to pass on now 


Paid over £30 for this to get to us as I Couldn’t find anything like it at the time in the Uk😳😳


Selling for £15


happy to send a pic of the book-tried to upload but file too big! 

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