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Return to Studio classes at White Lodge

Emma northmore

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Return to Studio course run by Didy Veldman and Emma Northmore 

Held at the wonderful White Lodge studios

Aug 29th - Sept 6th 

Entire course or half course options available. Aug 29th- Sept 1st/Sept 2 -6th.


Email  humanoove@gmail.com to book or emmanorthmore@yahoo.com for enquiries. 


Aimed at full time vocational students and RBS associates. (Other associates feel free to apply with pictures). This is because this course was designed originally for Royal Ballet School students and we are now permitted to allow more open bookings but spaces are limited!


Primarily aimed at Upper school years and

Yr 9/10/11.

We have just opened up to yr 7/8 too.

Small 'bubbles' of 15 stay in one studio.

Half day of ballet and Contemporary.


Be safely guided back to studio work so you can start your term confidently. 

We aim to both physically nurture the body back to action as well as address any lockdown issues that have arisen and rekindle their confidence at this time.


No boarding.

Financial assistance is limited but we want to help so email us!

Full refund should we lockdown again.

Fully Covid secure.



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