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A serendipitous pas de deux and identifying former BRB dancers?

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Six years ago, I found myself dancing an extremely diluted version of the Rose Adagio with a supposed former BRB Principal in a London bar after a few cocktails. It's a wonderful memory, but I left without ever finding out his name, have been unable to figure it out after, and often found myself wondering. 


I had tried a Swing dancing night in central London, and quickly found that Lindy Hop was not for me. Looking rather bored by the bar, I was approached by a man who said I looked more like a ballet dancer, invited me to dance with him, and asked what I knew. Thinking this was a joke, I replied, "only the Rose Adagio", to which he said that he was a former Birmingham Royal Ballet principal - and he was very familiar with the rep! What followed was me, a hobbyist at best, and a very secure pair of hands laughing our way through an extremely fun couple of minutes of wobbly pirouettes, attitudes and fish lifts as we were both humming the theme to overpower the background 20s music. 


He had gray hair, pulled back into a short, low ponytail. I would guess at least in his fifties, and no taller than 5'4, maybe even less. It is entirely possible that "principal" was used generically and that he was a lower ranked dancer who had performed some principal roles, but I have no reason to doubt the rest from his competence. 


I'd love if anyone on the forum had any ideas!


(Mods, I have no idea where this belongs, so please do move to the appropriate sub-forum!)

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