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The “Benois De la Danse“ are streaming a selection from their annual galas in 2015-2019.  

Every Thursday at 7pm Moscow time and on demand for 48 hours.


This is the third week (2017).  
Today’s 20 minute programme includes a lovely Hans Van Manen pdd to Satie’s TROIS Gnociennes performed by The phenomenal Ulyana Lopatkina and Andrey Ermakov.


Do watch!


“Dear friends! The Тhird edition of the new project “Benoit de la Dance. Pages of History” will be presented on the festival’s Youtube channel.

The program will begin with a duet from "Cinderella" in choreography by Rudolf Nureyev. It will be performed by soloists of the Paris Opera Ballet Dorothe Gilbert (Benois de la Danse nominee) and Hugo Marchand (Benois de la Danse laureate). 


Solo from "Rattika" by Mats Ek (Benois de la Danse laureate) will be presented by soloist of Ballet on Rhein Yuko Kato. 

The Third Edition will be completed by "Trois Gnociennes" with soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre Uliana Lopatkina (Benois de la Danse laureate) and Andrey Ermakov. Choreography by Hans Van Manen (twice Benois de la Danse laureate).”



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