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Teenage Dick, Donmar Warehouse

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Saw this play last night at the Donmar Warehouse.  It is a loose adaptation of Richard III set in an American High School.  The treatment was sometimes strained - but then so too in places is the Shakespeare.  One thing that DID stand out for me, however, was the prolonged dance between Richard - here played by a noticeably disabled young actor - and Anne - here called Anne-Margaret; entirely fitting given the source material - which lies at this piece's heart.  It was mesmerising.  I would not mention it but I know BcoF celebrates dance that goes beyond ballet (e.g., Rambert, Ailey, Bourne, etc.).  If the young lad who plays the lead - Australian Daniel Monks - does not get some kind of nod (Olivier or otherwise) - or at least a nomination - I will sincerely think there is something wrong with our theatrical community.  



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