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RB dancer charity appeal - signed pointe shoes

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Just noticed this on Tara-Brigitte Bhavnani's instagram and thought some here may be interested.  She is having her long hair cut and using the event as a fundraiser - all donors of £25 or over get a pair of signed pointe shoes.  A very worthy cause.  Her text and links below...



I'm sorry I didn't play with you more, but I think you'll have a great time on some sweet child's head💕
Thank you hair. Good bye😘💇‍♀️💕
Today I'm cutting my hair for @officiallittleprincesstrust 
Probably a good 10 years of growth in those 20 odd inches...we've been through a lot, but it's time to share the fun we've had.
My hair will be made into a beautiful wig for a child who has lost their hair due to cancer and other illnesses and your donation will go towards making this happen!
I'm also doing a pointe shoe giveaway! To celebrate my haircut, I'm giving away autographed pointe shoes to EVERYONE who donates £25 or more to the Little Princess Trust via www.justgiving.com/tarabb

Once you have made your donation, please send your name and address to info@brigitteballet.com

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