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For Ballet Mums and Dads

Matz Skoog

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Hello friends. Do you have a ten-age son or a daughter who wants to be a dancer? If this is the case this post is specifically aimed at you. 


Having a child who has chosen to pursue a career as a dancer will to some be a wonderful thing. To others a career in the performing arts may appear a less obvious choice, and they may have questions and concerns that would be helpful to discuss with an experienced dance professional. 


My background is as principal dancer, international guest teacher and former Artistic Director of English National Ballet and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. I have danced with, amongst others, the Royal Swedish Ballet, English National Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theatre and Rambert Dance Company. 


Now as a fully accredited Executive Coach and Mentor I am, in addition to my work with dancers, offering my services to parents who wish to gain a better understanding of how they can best support a teen-ager who is training to become a dancer. 


To find out what you can do to help your son or daughter to maximise his or her chances of a fulfilling career contact me to book a free confidential consultation.


Email: matz.skoog@gmail.com
Web: www.matzskoog.com


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