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  1. Over the past several months, during the Covid 19 crisis with lockdown and social distancing, I have worked with dancers via Zoom, both as ballet teacher and as personal development coach. It’s been remarkable to see the resilience and determination by which so many of them have managed to maintain motivation, uphold a sensible training routine and sustain themselves mentally despite such difficult odds. Reflecting back on my own career I am not sure I would have had the discipline, or even the knowledge, to manage myself as successfully had I been faced with similar circumstances. Regardless of the Corona crisis the challenge of sustaining a dancing career today is much harder than it once was. A couple of generations ago competition for jobs was less pressured and the possibility for a long and satisfying dancing career was more likely. Today it is tougher. Dancers nowadays need to manage their work and lives very carefully if they want to have a professional career at all. Even though many of the major dance schools could do more to prepare their graduates for the realities of the profession, what we have seen during this time of crisis is a generation of young professionals who are better trained, better educated and more self-aware, with greater capacity for self-management. And thank goodness for this, as otherwise the impact of Covid 19 might have been considerably worse. Whilst I have been happy to see resilience and determination from many there have been casualties too. Covid 19 has enforced reassessment and personal reinvention for numerous dance professionals. This is when coaching can be particularly valuable, and when being a coach is especially rewarding, helping an artist to creatively explore new ideas and different options. To finish on a positive note: I have been encouraged by my recent experiences of working with dancers. The current generation is more socially aware and capable of self-determination, with a greater understanding of mental health issues and the importance of personal stability. A couple of years ago [life] coaching was not even on the radar of most dancers. Now they are starting to look for personal development solutions in the same way as they view Pilates and other complimentary training techniques as essential for maintaining professional standards and personal satisfaction. Matz Skoog has worked many years in the changeable world of performing arts, as a principal dancer, artistic director, teacher and consultant. As a coach he now draws from that experience to enable clients to manage the multiple demands of a successful career in a complex job market. For more information visit www.matzskoog.com
  2. Dear Friend Are you, or someone you know, looking for a coach to help you make 2020 the best year ever. In January 2020, I have capacity for four new UK clients. Does the following strike a chord with you? You are smart, qualified, experienced, usually have a good game, and yet there are side issues you need to talk about and resolve. There are things you know you can probably do even better, and you are ready to talk and reflect on dance, business, problems, and life. In my experience, you’ve been thinking about engaging a coach for some time, you don’t need to be convinced of whether coaching works or not, and it now feels the right time to have this conversation. Some of my clients are dancers and musician, but many are simply ambitious professionals looking for clarity of direction to what’s next in life and business and a way to get to where they want to be. I offer a 3-month fortnightly programme, or a monthly 6-month programme. I don’t want to over spin this; I am looking to next year, but if this sounds about right for you (or someone you know) please let’s chat. To register your interest for a FREE one-hour strategy session over Skype or Zoom click this link: www.matzskoog.com to my website where you can fill in your contact details, or simply reply to this message, and I will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for us to talk. I look forward to hearing from you and to talking soon. Kind Regards Matz
  3. Hello friends. Do you have a ten-age son or a daughter who wants to be a dancer? If this is the case this post is specifically aimed at you. Having a child who has chosen to pursue a career as a dancer will to some be a wonderful thing. To others a career in the performing arts may appear a less obvious choice, and they may have questions and concerns that would be helpful to discuss with an experienced dance professional. My background is as principal dancer, international guest teacher and former Artistic Director of English National Ballet and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. I have danced with, amongst others, the Royal Swedish Ballet, English National Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theatre and Rambert Dance Company. Now as a fully accredited Executive Coach and Mentor I am, in addition to my work with dancers, offering my services to parents who wish to gain a better understanding of how they can best support a teen-ager who is training to become a dancer. To find out what you can do to help your son or daughter to maximise his or her chances of a fulfilling career contact me to book a free confidential consultation. Email: matz.skoog@gmail.com Web: www.matzskoog.com
  4. Hello Friends, I thought some of you might be interested in finding out about the personal career coaching programs I offer for dancers at all stages of their careers. Working at the highest level within the dance world has afforded me the pleasure of helping countless dancers to confidently and successfully manage their careers. I have also worked with numerous well-trained, talented dancers who were very good at what they were good at; namely dancing, but woefully under-prepared for coping with the many tough demands of the profession. Enjoying a fulfilling career in the world of dance requires nous, confidence, motivation and resilience, so it is imperative to be well prepared from the outset—and with the right support it is possible to maximise your potential for success. My background is as principal dancer, international guest teacher and former Artistic Director of English National Ballet and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. I have danced with, amongst others, the Royal Swedish Ballet, English National Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theatre and Rambert Dance Company. Now as a coach, with a lifetime’s experience of the dance world, I work independently from dance schools and companies to offer the objective insights and support that institutions (or families) may not be able to provide. To find our how I can help you increase your chances of having a fulfilling career visit my website or drop me an email to book a free confidential conversation. As a special service I also offer consultations with parents to ballet students. Website: www.matzskoog.com Email: matz.skoog@gmail.com
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