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ENB Spring Course


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Just wondering if anybody has done this before and has good/bad experience of it?

I have never done a summer course before so I think a 3 day short course might be quite a good introduction, and a good experience as I'd like to audition for sixth form places.

Does anybody know if you're accepted by photographs or if anybody can go as the website and application form don't say?

Thank you :)

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I was sent a form for this course by emailing from website though form may well also be on website now. The form also covers an audition workshop and summer school- they ask for three photos degage in second, 1st arabesque en l'air, demi plie in 1st . I was advised ( by this forum) to ask teacher to help dd with the photos. I also thought this may be a good starting place for my dd who has done no summer schools etc. Good luck if you decide to apply.

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