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La Boutique Fantasque

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I'm looking for a recording of Massine's ballet La Boutique Fantasque. YouTube leads me to some recordings of The Fairy Doll, with the same music - does anyone know whether these are with Massine's choreography?


Thank you!

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"The more familiar we become with the Petipa ballets which de Valois did not select to create the technical touchstone repertory for her young company the more we discover the source materials for several apparently original works form the Diaghilev era. But as Balanchine reputedly said all choreographers steal, so perhaps what really matters is what you do with your unacknowledged "borrowings" rather than the fact that you have borrowed an idea or two. While Massine's ballet may owe an artistic debt or two to the Fairy Doll for the idea of creating a ballet in which toys come to life the choreography for Boutique is entirely  Massine's own. Its score is Rossini arranged by Respighi. As far as I am aware there is no recording of the ballet in performance but you should be able to find a recording of the music. The last time it was seen in London was when SWRB performed it. Peter Wright has a very entertaining story to tell about the problems he and the company experienced when it was revived under Massine's scrutiny and direction. I have no idea if Lorca Massine would be capable or willing to revive it. I recall enjoying the SWRB revival but that I think had more to do with the abilities of the dancers and Wright's skills as a stager than to Massine's involvement in the revival. Ashton is on record as saying he considered it Massine's masterpiece. The ballet the Fairy Doll was created, I believe,  by the Legat brothers as a vehicle for Pavlova. 

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