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Petipa conferences in 2018 (UK and Russia)

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As everyone knows next year sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Petipa (on  11 March 2018). There will no doubt be celebratory events all over the world but I am particularly interested in academic conferences. For example here is one:




Do people know of other such events either in the UK or Russia? For example I have heard a conference is planned at the Bakhrushin museum for next spring but can't find where this is listed. 



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In October 2015 there was a Petipa  Colloquium in Bordeaux which had speakers from France, Russia and the US including Marian Smith the author of "Ballet and Opera in the Age of Giselle" which revealed how very close in structure Romantic ballets were to operas of the period with their ensembles and solos; Schott who  has written about Balanchine and Petipa and is the author of "The Sleeping Beauty the Making of a Legend " and Doug Fullington  who has worked on reconstructing Petipa's ballets for a number of Western companies using the Mariinsky  notated records which N Sergueyev brought to the West in the 1920's.


It was extremely interesting and I had thought that there might be a similar conference in Marseilles in 2018. But from information which I stumbled across on a French website I know that the request for academic papers for the 2015 conference had cut off points for receipt and assessment which ended in September 2014. As there is nothing comparable on the site for this year it seems unlikely that there will  be any academic events in France next year. I hope that I am wrong about this because the Bordeaux conference was very well organised and brought together a number of experts on Petipa his life and works; ballet in Russia and France during the nineteenth century and Western experts on reconstructing nineteenth century ballets including Claudia Jeschke who I understand is an expert on another significant player in the world of nineteenth century ballet Henri Justament.  If he is known at all today, it is as the man who staged the last nineteenth century revival of Giselle at the POB. His significance lies in the vast quantity of material which has survived from his work as the stager  of ballets. This material is now housed in a number of European archives. It is a potential source for the reconstruction of ballets now believed completely lost, the reconstruction in an early form of ballets which Petipa later restaged and reworked in Russia and patching and supporting material for works where the Stepanov notation of a Petipa restaging is incomplete .



From what I have read it looks as if the Bordeaux event was the first of a number of Franco -Russian Petipa conferences the rest of which have been held in Russia. It appears that the Petipa Conference in St Petersburg from 10th- 12th March 2018 is a follow up to the 2015 event.The direct answer to the question about events connected with the Petipa bicentenary at present at least, is there is nothing happening in France and nothing in Britain either. While I can believe that the bicentenary might be overlooked and there will be no major exhibitions in this country I find it hard to believe that it will be overlooked in France.


 There again 2018 might see a major ballet exhibition at the V and A as a follow up to  opera exhibition which is currently on there. We have no way of knowing what form the RB Insight events might take throughout 2018. Will the company treat the new Swan Lake as an opportunity to put on some Petipa themed events, which might be embarrassing as there is precious little Petipa in most production of the ballet. Perhaps it have some free standing Petipa bicentenary based Insight events ? Who knows ? Let us hope that they don't ascribe the Golden Idol and his choreography to Petipa as happened when the company put on the Insight event "How Ballet Evolved" .



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11 hours ago, FLOSS said:

Schott who  has written about Balanchine and Petipa and is the author of "The Sleeping Beauty the Making of a Legend "


It appears that the Petipa Conference in St Petersburg from 10th- 12th March 2018 is a follow up to the 2015 event.


Many thanks FLOSS. On those two points:


* I think you mean "Sleeping Beauty": A Legend in Progress by Tim Scholl (not Schott)


* Your note has helped me locate a link (in Russian) to the March event:-








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