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  1. I have a number of standing places for sale on the following dates - if anyone is interested in buying, please do message me:- Thursday 5 December at 2.00 pm: The Sleeping Beauty (AnnaRose O'Sullivan's Aurora debut) - Stalls Circle, Standing, D33 priced at £11.00 Saturday 7 December at 7.00 pm: The Sleeping Beauty (Naghdi, Ball) - Stalls Circle, Standing, D6 priced at £11.00 Saturday 14 December at 1.30 pm: The Sleeping Beauty (Cuthbertson, Bonell) - Stalls Circle, Standing D10 priced at £11.00 Friday 20 December at 1.30 pm: Concerto, Enigma Variations, Raymonda Act III - Stalls Circle, Standing, D48 priced at £6.00 Monday 23 December at 2.00 pm: Coppelia (Morera, Campbell) - Stalls Circle, Standing, D43 priced at £10.00 Saturday 28 December at 2.00 pm: Coppelia (O'Sullivan, Sambe) - Stalls Circle, Standing, D51 priced at £10.00 Saturday 28 December at 7.00 pm: Coppelia (Naghdi, Ball) - Stalls Circle, Standing, D6 priced at £10.00 Monday 30 December at 2.00 pm: Coppelia (Magri, Corrales) - Stalls Circle, Standing, D34 priced at £10.00 Tuesday 31 December at 12.00 pm: Coppelia (Takada, Bracewell) - Stalls Circle, Standing D30 priced at £10.00 Tuesday 31 December at 5.00 pm: Coppelia (Choe, Acri) - Stalls Circle, Standing D34 priced at £10.00 Saturday 4 January at 2.00 pm: Coppelia (Magri, Corrales) - Stalls Circle, Standing D47 priced at £10.00 Saturday 16 May at 1.30 pm: Swan Lake (Naghdi, Ball) - Stalls Circle, Standing D3 priced at £11.00 With many thanks Amanda
  2. I have a spare ticket for this Saturday's RB matinee starting at midday and with Sarah Lamb and Vadim Muntagirov in leads. Seat is Amphitheatre, Row A36, price £18.00. Please message me if you would like to purchase. Many thanks. Amanda
  3. Indeed, Slava is now Director of the Ural Ballet in Ekaterinburg. However, their version of Fille (I attended the premiere) was in fact by the now sadly deceased Sergei Vikharev. Slava's first full length ballet for the Ural company was choreographed when he became Director for the 2011/2012 season, and was Amore Buffo (balletic "version" of L'Elisir d'Amore). More recently, Slava paid homage to Petipa as part of the bicentenary Petipa celebrations, with his 2 act ballet, Order of the King. With regard to an earlier posting regarding when both Slava Samodurov and Federico Bonelli joined the RB, it was in 2003 (I believe Soares also joined at the same time). I would definitely agree that Samodurov should join the list of "underused" dancers during his time with the Royal Ballet. In fact, it was during a period when he was not cast for anything, that Monica sent him to NY to guest with ABT in R&J as their Romeos were all indisposed - very sadly, at his first rehearsal over there, he injured his knee so badly that this ended his balletic career. On the flip side, he has now boosted the profile of the Ural Ballet and shown his talents as both a Director and choreographer.
  4. A delightful ballerina - was enthralled from the beginning when she danced Lise at the RBS matinee. Her love, enthusiasm and brightness shone over the footlights - always gave so much joy to her audience in a selfless and unmannered way.
  5. Definitely agree dear Sim. Belinda was a really talented and lovely dancer - very musical, technically assured and with great dramatic ability. Her Aurora was outstanding. She was wonderful in Matthew Hart's Bloodlines - an intensely dramatic performance. Very sadly overlooked and overshadowed when she should not have been!!!
  6. I have always regretted the removal of the Stage seats - they were my preferred choice - A11 and A12. I do think these EU regulations are rather OTT and if it is "harmful" to one's hearing, then if visiting companies are performing, then surely they should conform to the EU regulations? I really do not think seating near the orchestra has a detrimental affect upon one's hearing. If so, why is the first row of the Stalls not affected and how about the members of the orchestra ?!!!!
  7. The girl in Odette costume may be a very young Agnes Oaks ?
  8. Such very sad news. I did not know John personally but felt his "presence" on the Forum in a very tangible and positive way. He was always so very helpful in assisting when one had technical problems with the Forum. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. RIP, dear John x
  9. No casting for the new Marston/Scarlett - have just gone to ROH link.
  10. As always, it is a great pleasure to watch the young emerging talent from the RBS. My only regret is the programming - I attended the Sunday matinee at the ROH. There are too many "abstract" pieces with mediocre choreography. Not the students' fault who danced with total enthusiasm and talent. I think it is a mistake not to include heritage pieces and not to include a work which gives the students a chance to show dramatic ability. Not that all students will join the RB/BRB, but their repertoire is heavily biased towards dramatic works, and as such, so should the training at the RBS reflect this. Some "meatier" one act works would have given the students a better chance to show "all round" ability (dancing as well as acting) - The Dream, Checkmate, The Rake's Progress - to name a few, come to my mind. Or, indeed, a full length work, say Coppelia, Giselle, Fille or The Two Pigeons, perhaps preceded by the "national" dances for the White Lodgers. I think the present programming needs a re-think.
  11. If anyone is interested, I have a spare ticket for this Sunday's RBS matinee at ROH. The ticket is Amphitheatre, J67, and priced at £18. Please private message if you would like to purchase. Many thanks. Amanda
  12. I think it is purposely being kept under wraps, as was indeed, the Gala dedicated to Ashton's retirement (not that I was around to see it, but have read and seen pix of the same!!!). On that particular evening, I believe Helpmann and Michael Somes were the "comperes" and the evening ran through excerpts from most of Ashton's choreography which one could say equalled all the roles made for Fonteyn.! You never know, may be it will be a repeat of the Ashton farewell Gala (only teasing!). I think it is rather nice to have a "surprise" element as it gives the evening an added element of anticipation and excitement., I also remembering reading that the programmes for the Ashton farewell were given to the audience when they left the House!!! I think we may expect a very special night on Saturday.....................................
  13. Hi, I have 1 ticket for Insights: Fonteyn and Me in Clore Studio next Wednesday, 5 June at 6.00 pm. Central seat, Row B26, price at £17.00. Please message me if you would like to purchase. Many thanks Amanda
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