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Sending a PM to another poster

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Please can one of the moderators help with this? I can't seem to find a list of users - where is it?


I wanted to send a message to someone and looked everywhere for a list of names but couldn't locate it. All I could find was the list of online users but the poster I wanted to send a message to wasn't online so their name wasn't there. Eventually I trawled through an old thread I knew they were on and found them that way.


Can you point me in the right direction? On the old-style screen there was a full list of everybody in alphabetical order but it seems to have vanished...

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You can get the full roster of members by going to the Search box, selecting Members and then Search, without specifying a name. Trouble is that the display gives you only 24 per page and with a total membership of 4,475 that's 186 pages worth. There's no option for just listing all the 'A's but you can jump through the search results by entering page numbers. 


I think your solution sounds the best!


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