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Nigel Charnock

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How sad to read of Nigel Charnock's untimely death in yesterday's links. His uniquely challenging and sometimes uncomfortable presence in the UK contemporary dance scene will be difficult – if not impossible - to replace.


I remember him as a fierce performer - part dancer, part actor, part comedian but never less than a riveting and thought-provoking artist. Though his shows sometimes contained less dancing than a dance-obsessive like myself might wish, I never felt cheated by his work; his magnetism, wit and fervour (plus the undoubted dancerly quality of his movements) were enough for me. His performances were occasionally self-indulgent enough to irritate - more than once I longed for the courage to yell “Get over yourself!”, but thankfully never did find the courage, and I always went back for more.


Nigel leaves an unfillable space in the dance world. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

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