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Wanted - RBS JA Uniform


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I'd love to buy a complete pre-loved JA uniform for a friend of my DD who is also starting JAs in September, or at least a national skirt, but ideally everything (national skirt, leotard and zip-up top).


The measurements for the skirt would ideally be waist 21 inches and length 21 inches (or another length with adjustable hem), and I think she'd need a size 2 leotard, as my dd has a size 1 but her friend, although also aged 8, is quite a bit taller so I think she'd be the next size up. Zip-up top either size 7-8 or 9-10 would be good.


Would appreciate it if anyone could spare her a uniform that has been outgrown or no longer required. Or even just a national skirt, that would be very helpful. Either pm or post on this forum, can pay via Paypal or cheque if preferred.

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