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Royal Ballet of Flanders: Ravel Programme

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I saw this programme on Saturday evening. It consisted of three pieces all to the music of Ravel, two new and one 'old'.


The first piece, 'Exhibition',was choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The music was a re-orchestration of the Mussorgsky work 'Pictures at an Exhibition'. I rather liked this piece which although contemporary in feel still had something classical about it with some of the women dancing on pointe. There was a fair amount of manipulation of large golden picture frames and chairs on stage. Nancy Osbaldeston was one of the featured dancers in this.


I wasn't keen on the next piece, 'La Mere L'Oye', by Jeroen Verbruggen, to the music of 'Pavane pour une Infante Defunte'. After the performance I discovered that it was based on the life of the late king and queen of Belgium who had been childless and suffered several miscarriages. Nancy Osbaldeston was cast as the queen and there was a strange witch like figure danced by the tall Drew Jacoby (latterly of NDT). Some of the dancing took place in a large squat gauze tube and at the end there was a sort of disco ball which threw light spots onto the stage and part of the auditorium. There were several veiled bride like figures (men and women) and later the same dancers appeared to be wearing shower caps but I think that these may have been the veils tucked up. Again, there was a fairly classical feel to the choreography. The piece was warmly received by the audience.


The last piece was Bejart's 'Bolero' with Drew Jacoby a tour de force in the central role. She is a very tall angular dancer with huge stage presence. The performance received long applause.

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