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Question for admins - multiple views?

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I see a thread which only started this February, yet has suddenly gained over 26,000 views, most of them recently (Giselle, RB). This and similar on a couple of other threads suggests a glitch somewhere.


I may be completely wrong but just thought I should pass on my suspicions! Apologies if off the point.

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Going back over previous RB bills: 


Wheeldon triple has 15,750

Nutcracker has 20,271

Monotones / 2 Pigeons + Rhapsody / 2 Pigeons has 46,107

Viscera / Faun / Tchai pdd / Carmen has 18,332

Connectome / Raven Girl only 4,375

Romeo & Juliet has 36,841


The numbers seem to reflect the popularity of the programmes so the Giselle total doesn't seem too surprising or out of order.

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Thanks John. I had somehow picked up the impression that a disproportionately high number of views had come in suddenly - within 24 hours - suggesting some kind of technical issue but I was probably wrong. Apologies if this is a muddle.

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