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Ballet Theatre UK at Rickmansworth

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I thought that if anyone lives in or near the Rickmansworth area they may like to know about a special deal that Watersmeet Theatre are doing for ballet schools attending BTUKs production of Sleeping Beauty at 3pm on Sunday 17th June 2012.


If you ring up on behalf of a local ballet school booking ten tickets or more then each ticket is only £10 !


I wish I'd known about this weeks ago but as I've still managed to scramble 8 pupils and families together and we are really looking forward to it. (I've already seen the performance and loved it, as did my 7 old niece who wanted to "rewind it!" )


BOX OFFICE is 01923 711063.


I do hope its ok to post this but it seems like a good deal to me having paid twice as much before! (Although it was well worth it.)

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