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  1. Thank you for the replies. Lots of things for us to take on board. SissonneDouble I think I understand what you are saying about associates. Since some of the girls have got into them we have been looking around and noticed they appear to vary quite a bit. One girl is doing one that focuses on ballet, I think they said 1.5 hour session and sessions are once a month and then another genre for 1.5 hours. One of the others is one where they bring different teachers in each month to teach a routine and another is doing a different associate scheme every Sunday. At the moment associates wouldn't be something we can afford due to her dads business suffering quite a bit these last 12 months but hopefully things will improve to allow us to apply to some next year. 2dancersmum, looking at the syllabuses you quote I've realised our syllabus isn't there. She is at a dance school who follow the UKA exams. She's only been doing contemporary 6 months. During lockdown a lot of the older girls didn't enjoy zoom classes so the teacher allowed some of the younger one's to join and and continue with it when the studio reopened. AnnaC, will definitely look at CATS; DD's already said she wants to take GCSE dance but will recommend business studies as well. We will also look at the dance timetable to see if we could attend another ballet class. If we couldn't; do students sometimes attend other studios for additional training? OliviaT what type of associates scheme did your daughter do? Thank you for your last comment; I think this will be a very valuable comment to show DD because I know one girl who she chats to quite a lot told her she really should be doing X,Y,Z by now and I think this is why DD started to panic she will be left behind. Just doing some thinking; is it better for example to do less styles but spend more hours doing those styles than doing every style you can fit in but less time doing each one?
  2. Hi, Thanks for the welcome Janet. Thanks Lisa and 2dancersmum. I'm not sure what kind of dance teacher she means at the moment but think she means teaching in a studio/own studio rather than in a school. She really enjoys contemporary and acro so I think these may be styles that she would definitely want to teach so will look to see if there are any workshops nearby related to these over the summer. I really don't know much about dance, my older girl was a competitive gymnast so could you explain what intermediate exams are? Also if she wanted to teach in a studio/own studio would she need to focus on all styles or say in a couple of years focus more on contemporary, acro and ballet? Will look at the websites quoted and thank you very much. I think she was starting to panic because she/we hadn't thought about associates but others at dance of a similar age have been applying to different schemes.
  3. Hi, I'm just looking for some advice. My daughter almost 11 has expressed an interest in becoming a dance teacher. She isn't quite sure what she would like to teach yet but we want to help her in any way possible. She's been dancing since 6 initially just ballet & tap and now takes classes in modern, acro, contemporary & street (although she doesn't really enjoy street so is thinking of giving this class up). A couple of the girls she knows at dance have applied and successfully got into various associates and I'm just starting to see how the costs can increase and wonder how much it will cost if this is the career path she really does want. If in a couple of years she still wants to be a dance teacher do we need to look at her doing different types of training ie associates and is one associate per year enough? Also one of the older girls applied to CATS a couple of years ago, should we consider something like this? Or would additional lessons all year round and one off workshops be better. Thanks in advance.
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