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  1. Am so pleased for her. Well done 🎉
  2. We just got a yes 🙌. In total shock. We had a no in year 4, SWL in year 5 and did JEP and have now had a yes. I definitely think my dd has learnt a lesson in perseverance and I think she will appreciate the place all the more for it. Well done and good luck to you all. 💕
  3. Sorry got so flustered that I forgot to congratulate those with SWL places. Well done 👏
  4. We haven’t got anything yet! Are you all London? Just wondering if they are doing it by centre xx
  5. Yea Yeah I can’t quite see their thinking on this one. Xx
  6. I keep getting random emails from the Royal School of Ballet and it makes my heart jump every time as I think it is JA results. I swear they have sent more that usual in the last week just to test my nerves. Talking of random emails, they sent one about the online summer intensive. It seems strange to have it mid July when most schools haven’t broken up for the summer yet. Such a shame as my DD did the online spring intensive and really enjoyed it. 🤞we get some results tomorrow xx
  7. From what I understand not many places were given out last year because of Covid. Hence they set up the JEP for those on SWL. Therefore I am trying to be optimistic that all things going well there will be more places available as they will hopefully be going back to normal class sizes 🤞.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on this one 😊
  9. You need to have/download YouTube Studio. It tells you when they were viewed and for how long xx
  10. We have had views now 😊. 🤞not too long now xx
  11. I haven’t heard of them doing this but I am fairly new to all this. I can only imagine it is like being on the short waiting list. They will see what places are accepted and then call back anyone they were interested in and give out any remaining places. Xx
  12. Well done that’s amazing. We also got a yes for year 6 Birmingham. Happy and totally shocked I have to say. So glad they didn’t make us wait over the week 😊. Good luck to everyone else 🤞
  13. No, was really hoping we would hear today 🤞
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