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  1. Thank you so much Jan! have had a look at the thread and am rather tempted by a number of the options if anyone does have any experience with sophia priolo please drop me a note but otherwise i will update everyone on how the ballet journey goes!
  2. hello! it’s my first time on the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong place... i’m coming to ballet completely new as an adult (18, if that counts as adult!) and i’m looking for a london class. i’ve never tried ballet before, but a few years ago i was a competitive dancer in a couple of other disciplines. i’ve decided to give ballet a go but i’m very nervous that any class may be slightly out of my depth. i popped into a danceworks class led by karis scarlette and it was clear some of the other students had been attending for a long while & were familiar with the class structure, while i felt completely lost. it put me off drop-ins a little as while i’m sure they help technique drastically, i’d rather a guided class where everyone is of a similar standard which increases in difficulty as you go along. i’m based in north west london so i’m looking for classes nearby or in central. it seems my options are a bit limited as the new term starts soon! i was keen on booking natalie krapf’s class at the place but it’s sold out. the alexander simpkins class at citylit i heard good things about, but i’m just cut out by the age limit of 19. ENB’s location is slightly too far away, as is RAD. the only option i seem to have left is sophia priolo’s class at city academy. has anyone been? is it suitable for complete beginners? £150 for 8 sessions is a little on the pricier side - is it worth it? thanks so much and sorry about the long post. do let me know if anyone has any suggestions or opinions
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