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  1. Mine was on SWL last year and nothing came out
  2. Sorry to ask, what is ballet boost and where does it take place?
  3. Mine is London and it hasn't been watched yet!
  4. Same for me! The good news is that we are still hopeful 😊🙏
  5. No news yet. Do you think we are going to have the results next week? Xx
  6. I checked and my phone only records In HD. In the end created an account with Dropbox plus and eventually it worked. I hope they are going to be able to open it as I have no other way of sending it
  7. Hi ladies, I was wondering how you managed to use Vimeo as my video was not supported by Vimeo as it was massive (over 5 GB)
  8. Why would they look at children who used to be on swl? My child was on the swl last year, but I don't think they are going to check, as it would be time consuming
  9. Does anyone know how many spaces there are? I hope it's not only one or two
  10. I'm hoping it's going to be a bit quicker as it's only the year 6 children????
  11. When do you think we are going to be told the outcome?
  12. Hi everyone! Has anyone received any news in regards to the waiting list for London? Or any another centre?
  13. Sorry I didn't understand, has your dd got in? Was she on the SWL?
  14. It's hard not to know what it is going to happen. If only we had received more information on how it works on an individual basis! But according to what I understood we are not going to know anything until September (if things do change).
  15. My DD ! I wonder how many people are on the waiting list. I just can't see how anyone would withdraw!!!!
  16. Hi everyone! Has anyone been put on the short waiting list for a year 5 place in London?
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