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  1. That's the thing, I need help on how I could persuade my sisters and parents. Does anyone have advice how I could?
  2. I want to do a Extended Diploma, as this would equip me with the best skills for dance. As it is will be much more in depth than an A Level.
  3. I'm still confused on the prequisitry Level 2. Where do I get that qualification? I feel like doing a BTEC and an A Level would overwhelm me with the workload as I get very stressed out by a lot of school work, which I am currently struggling with now. Which is why I would rather do just a BTEC so I only need to put all my time, and focus, and effort and energy, into Dance. Which would ultimately make me happier.
  4. I have looked at the London Contemporary Dance School and they do have an open day which is on February, which unfortunately is too late as I need to decide very soon what colleges to go to as I need to do auditions and interviews and applications. I can't find anything on BBOdance doing a BTEC level 3, perhaps could you send me the link? With my parents, they still want me to happy but they just wouldn't really understand how much this means to me. And I need their permission, not because I respect their wishes necessarily, but because as I'm only 15, it is going to be very difficult for me to attend these open days, and interviews, and applications all by myself with no help. I think that I want to be a dancer that performs on stage in front of many people, maybe perhaps as part of a production (like a drama play or something?) However I also wouldn't mind perhaps being a choreographer and having my choreo be in shows or something. Overall, I really want to do a BTEC as this would equip me with better skills than an A Level would, and after all I am going to be the one who puts in all the hard work and training, not my family. So ultimately it should be my choice, right?
  5. The only thing that makes me happy is dance and so I wish to pursue a career in something that I enjoy and am passionate about. I know that if I pick A Levels, it would just make me miserable.
  6. The thing is that I am not able to go to dance classes because first of all my parents don't agree with dance because of religious and cultural implications, they would only tolerate it as at school as it is educational as well. Also my family are in a difficult time financially and wouldn't be able to pay for me going to dance classes. Also no one would actually bother taking me to one. So doing Dance as a BTEC or A Level is my only choice. I really want to do a BTEC as it ultimately would make me a better dancer than an A Level would, but I just don't know how to convince my family.
  7. Clubs that my school run which means that I haven't done any exams unfortunately. However I did get a certificate for gifted and talented in dance which a girl and and a boy from each year get of that helps. I am most excited for contemporary as I think that would be best suited for my skills from gymnastics, and with ballet, you have to have started from a very young age, which unfortunately I have not so that will be definitely hard but I am determined to go to any and all extra classes and workshops that will build my skills in all of the dance styles as with BTEC, you learn a variety of dance styles.
  8. Yes my parents are okay with me using this forum. The only dance experience I have is just after school dance clubs and after school gymnastics clubs, however, I have gained a great many skills from these. If I picked the A Level Option, I would pick English Literature and Psychology to go alongside Dance. I want to go to a college and the colleges that I have looked at looks like they will enable me to get to far places as they have listed some of the universities that their previous students have gone on to, and they have been successful in this.
  9. So I live in London and am 15. This means that it's gotten to the time that I have to decide what to do once I leave year 11. I have a burning passion for dance and know that I am very good at it and would like to pursue it as a career. Therefore I would like to do a Dance BTEC course at a college. This will enable me to get as much possible knowledge on dance, and the most training hours, which will enable me to become a better dancer. However my sister (she makes all the important decisions if you wondering why I'm not mention mum and dad) thinks that I should do an A Level Dance. This is because the dance field is very competitive and she is worried that I will not make it as a successful dancer, so she wants me to do an A Level, so that I have a range of subjects which will mean that I have more directions I can go to if dance doesn't work out for me. She is very keen on this and will not permit me to do a BTEC Dance like I wish for. I don't want to do an A Level, because I don't see the point in picking other subjects if I am going in the dance pathway, it will just waste my time, and take up energy and effort that I can be putting towards Dance. Also picking a BTEC Dance will allow me to become better than I would be with A Level, as it is a lot more training hours and just overall a lot more in depth than an A Level will cover. If you guys have any tips on how I could persuade my sister to let me do Dance BTEC, please help me out as soon as you can, as it's coming near the time where I have to be doing my applications. Thank you!
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