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  1. I thought I had read on here previously that a DC had initially been a “no” and was then asked to join Elmhurst after staff picked her out at a summer school, but I may be completely nuts and read it all wrong. These auditions are all great practice going forwards, as I know our DS has no plans to give up his dream just yet. Well done to all those that have successfully gained a place at a vocational school!
  2. That’s exactly what I would like to know!! My DS was a “no”, but we are extremely proud of him as he started ballet late and got into Elmhurst finals on his first audition. However, he was devastated and I wondered if they operated a waiting list like Tring, I haven’t seen anyone mention this year that their DC has been placed on the reserve list. Onwards and upwards as he’s happy to try again next year, just wish you could have feedback.
  3. Does Elmhurst have a reserve list and do they tell you in the letter, or do they just send out a yes or no letter? Sorry, we’re new to this audition process as previous dance teachers discouraged it.
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